What Is Respiratory Care?

25th July 2016

Unfortunately millions of people around the world suffer from respiratory illnesses, from newborns to the elderly. There are many reasons why they might suffer difficulty breathing or simply cannot breathe on their own such as asthma, lung cancer, birth defects and sleep apnea. Due to these lifelong illnesses, patients often require respiratory care on an ongoing basis through respiratory care therapists.

Respiratory care therapists specialise in cardiology and pulmonology and have taken advanced training to equip them with skills required to manage the patient’s particular need. Because of this, respiratory care therapists utilise many different tools to monitor and assist the patient and the therapist in their work.

Considering the many different requirements of a patient that has respiratory difficulties, therapists might find themselves having to administer care in a number of different ways, and in a number of different places, including:

It is not always possible to provide hospital level care in the home or in public, therefore additional portable tools can be used.

Viomedex is one such company that supply specialist tools to the respiratory care profession, with a focus on neonatal and paediatric care. In this particular field of respiratory care, therapists can have access to tools such as:

Each of these product types serve an important part to respiratory care environment.

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