nCPAP Generator

Neonatal nCPAP Generator

Neonatal nCPAP Generator

Non-invasive respiratory support with proven fluidic principles.

Infant CPAP Nasal Prongs & Masks

Infant CPAP Nasal Prongs & Masks

Available in eight colour-coded sizes.

nCPAP Bonnets

nCPAP Bonnets

Available separately in twelve colour-coded sizes.

Nasal CPAP (nCPAP), used for treating infants, has developed a great deal in the past 20 years with many devices now available. Viomedex have manufactured the nCPAP since the start and were the original manufacturer for EME (now Carefusion).  We have built on the experience of the past to provide caregivers with a cost effective solution for supporting the respiratory compromised infant.

nCPAP works well when the added work of breathing is reduced, ensuring the infants do not tire so quickly and allowing them to use energy to grow. Using established fluidic principles, our nCPAP range is more effective than traditional methods of delivering nCPAP. 


  • nCPAP is proven to be beneficial in supporting infants with respiratory problems

  • Comprehensive range of prongs and masks

  • Masks and prongs are colour-coded for ease of recognition and use

  • Designed using proven fluidic principles

  • Simple fixation with bonnets to fit most infants

  • Available with and without patient delivery circuits for greater flexibility

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