Neonatal nCPAP Generator

Product Code IHC600/10

Non-invasive respiratory support with proven fluidic principles.


Many pre-term babies will require respiratory support once they are born. Nasal CPAP can help early extubation and weaning from ventilators and prevent babies needing further   ventilation. Our nCPAP generator benefits from established fluidic principles to provide a noninvasive respiratory support to the neonate, along with circuits, bonnets, masks and prongs   to facilitate ease of use.


Nasal CPAP for treating babies has developed a great deal in the past 20 years with many devices now being available. Our nCPAP Generator builds on the experience of the past to allow caregivers a cost-effective solution for supporting premature and sick babies.


Our Generator technology has been tested with a variety of drivers, including SLE1000 nCPAP Driver, the Aladdin/Arabella, Fabian DuoPAP, Infant Flow™ Advance and Infant Flow™ SiPAP. In fact, any device that can deliver a flow of fresh gas 0-15 litres per minute at a driving pressure greater than 120 cmH2O will cause the fluidic logic in the generator to work, producing a pressure in accordance with the published nomograph.


  • nCPAP is proven to be beneficial in supporting infants with respiratory problems

  • Comprehensive range of prongs and masks

  • Masks and prongs are colour-coded for ease of recognition and use

  • Designed using proven fluidic principles

  • Simple fixation with bonnets to fit most infants

  • Available with and without patient delivery circuits for greater flexibility

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