Nasal Prongs & Masks

Product Code VX8020-VX8023, VX8030-VX8033

Available in four colour-coded sizes.

Infant Nasal Prong Features:

  • Infant nasal prongs available in 4 different sizes to fit most infants
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Made from the soft silicone to ensure optimal patient fit and comfort.
  • Size guide included for ease of selection

Viomedex provide Neonatal cPAP Infant Nasal Prongs to be used with the full nCPAP generator system. The colour-coded prongs make it easy to identify which accessory is needed for an infant, and a size guide is included for further instructions on the correct use of the product. Getting the right fit for the infant ensures effective ventilation and airflow whilst reducing discomfort. Made from soft silicone, this malleable product is well suited for young babies’ delicate skin.

In situations where an adequate seal cannot be maintained using the prongs, for example where patients have been nasally intubated, nasal masks can also be used.

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